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Default Dream House

Welcome to the dream house, you can only contribute to it once! All you need to do is name one room and what belongs to that room. This room has to be a room that you would want in your dream house!

The Space Room
- A popcorn machine
- 200+ comfy seats
- Xenomorph Sculpture
- 3D on/off switch (probably does not exist) for watching films in 3D
- 0 gravity switch (I don't know about this one either) for watching films in 0 gravity
- Bin of 3D glasses
- A gigantic space themed movie theater with a Selection of DVDs all relevant to the theme
- DVD selection: Guardians of the Galaxy, Alien, Aliens, The Thing (1982), The Thing (2011), every season/episode of Doctor Who, every season/episode of Doctor Who (Classic), Galaxy Quest, all the Star Wars movies, all episodes of Invader Zim, all of the X-Files, Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders, Star Trek and much, much more...

Rooms 1/40
Am I PARANOID? Or am I... actually, nope probably just paranoid.

My website: http://conger001.wix.com/tyconger192sworlds
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Default Re: Dream House

matres room
-felding machine
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