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Default Games with Level Editors

Hi! For anyone who likes games where you get to make stuff, here is a list that has my favorite games with level editors.
Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese v8.0d
Little Big Planet 2 (Haven't checked out the 3rd game, but ratings tell me it probably isn't worth being checked out)
Little Big Planet
Spore (With Spore Galactic Adventures installed & Cute and Creepy Parts installed & Dr. Pepper Parts patch)
Halo 3
Mario Builder V11-4 (FREE)
Crash Nitro Kart
Tony Hawk's Underground 2
Tony Hawk's Underground
Sleepless Hollow v2.0d (Best if used with graphics from Dr. Lunatic placed into the graphics folder of Sleepless Hollow)
Hotline Miami 2 (Level Editor coming soon, but it looks as though it'll have lots of freedom)
If anyone knows any other games with level editors, leave a comment, I have been wanting to create stuff.
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Default Re: Games with Level Editors

list has no DROD: The Second Sky, 0/10.

DROD: The Second Sky is the greatest puzzle game, and has a fully functioning editor even in the demo version. excluding it is basically a war crime?

also if you can think like it's the 90's, you can make your own custom elements.
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Default Re: Games with Level Editors

I would highly recommend Megazuex! I believe it was mentioned by a friend of mine before.
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Default Re: Games with Level Editors

Starcraft: Brood War comes with a nice level editor. not sure about SCII, but the original even supported putting in triggers and let you make a briefiing screen in addition to the maps, so it was pretty close to the actual campaigns.

Roller Coaster Tycoon might be cheating since it's pretty much a sandbox to begin with, but you can save sandbox levels with specific goals onto the campaign list with awful by year 4 deadlines and such.

You mentioned hotline miami, so I'm forced to counter with Monaco: What's yours is mine, especially since I'm supposed to be one of the lead speed runners for it> I had fun messing around with the level editor's shadow effects, and a lot of levels that my friends made or commissioned became my favorites.

And finally, most worms games... yes, the editor stages tend to suck compared tp the main ones or even randomly generated ones (like the super smash bros editor ironically), but it can be fun if to try.
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Default Re: Games with Level Editors

Kid Mystic has a level editor, Super Mario Maker has a level editor, Super Meat Boy has a level editor.
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