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Talking Loonyland 1 Speedrun


Run time: 19:14.8

I recently speedran loonyland 1 in 20 minutes, and figured I should post it here for other people to watch. Helpful commentary is provided by Spacemaniac, Bunnybot5000, Moltanem.

The run basically focuses on getting all access pass and a few other badges as fast as possible. Once I have the all access pass, I head straight up into castle vampy and take on the final bosses.

It took a while to refine this route from its original 40 minute attempt, and if you have any ideas for how to make it faster (Aside from not making as many mistakes during the beginning :P ), please let me know!
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Really impressive! Very innovative route you've devised there, I for sure can't think of any improvements. I'm curious as to how much longer a remix mode run would take, considering all the badges etc.

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Default Re: Loonyland 1 Speedrun

This is awesome. I love weird speed runs like this.
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Default Re: Loonyland 1 Speedrun

I forgot to post, that was just a proof of concept. The actual speedrun is 17:54.08 and is viewable here http://viewpure.com/WRZ4Um5f8Pg

I made a low of mistakes in the first video, so I was able to get the improved run below 18 minutes
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