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Question the trends!
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Default Step Two Solutions

I thought I would create this game out of fun for people who want to post their solutions for the second part on developing a game. This step scheme often pops up many times, with step two being empty.

1. Make a game.
2. ????????????
3. Profit!
My answer: Target a non-English audience as North America, England and Australia are going through economic depression as of 2015, the money simply isn't there anymore and the middle-classes are now shrinking. Asia (including the Russian Federation) and South America: Rising middle-classes. Africa and Europe: Too unstable to sell to. Translation of developed game required once a suitable cluster is found.
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I mean, America is still the second largest market for games after China. But I don't really get what you're saying. I think anyone can enjoy a game if it's good enough, regardless of where they live (as long as it's translated to their language). If you're just referencing how the game is marketed, though, I don't think avoiding America and Europe altogether is a very sound marketing strategy.

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Question the trends!
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Default Re: Step Two Solutions

I think Europe would certainly be out of the picture because they are in a state of economic collapse and war. When people are in such situations I don't think they would want to buy video games when they have bigger problems.
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