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Dumb Person
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How hard is it to make games playable on the internet, like making a server on a web page. It would be nice to play some upcoming realeases on the internet, like sol hunt, we can team up with sol herself or something. I think it would boost your sales.
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Marshmallow Head
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I have lots of plans for internet games, but internet play is the absolute hardest thing to do, and for a super fast paced game like Sol Hunt, it's nearly impossible. It also costs a fortune to run the servers if you make one that you play on a server. So it's a really big deal, you can't just tweak a game and throw it in. I think the first one I do will be something turn based, like a board game, because that's way way easier, and it will probably work right!

Mike Hommel

Marshmallow Head, Hamumu Software


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