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Default The Hamumu Forum Rules

1. Only post if you have something to say. Posting nonsense to raise your rank results in immediate permanent loss of all ranks for you. The ranks are supposed to just be a fun little thing, not a life or death goal.

2. No profanity, rudeness, or being obnoxious. Such posts will be deleted or edited and you will be warned.

3. Discuss ANYTHING you like (as long as it's appropriate for children to hear!) in the Total Mayhem forum. In the other forums, only discussion of the topic of the forum is allowed. Inappropriate topics will be moved to the appropriate forum. For the record, the General Blabber forum is also for discussing anything you like, however we don't allow random nonsense in there. It's more for intelligent discussion - say if you want to discuss politics or religion! If you want to shout random nonsense, zip over to the Total Mayhem forum and have a blast!! No rules apply to Total Mayhem except that you can't be mean to people or use profanity.

4. NO SPAM OF COURSE! Ad Spammers will be banned instantly, and their spam deleted. No warnings.

5. Put your posts in the RIGHT forum! I move them if they're not, but if I have to move your posts too many times, you'll get a warning.

6. ANY requests or offers for illegal copies of games will result in immediate banning. OBVIOUSLY. We don't like to be stolen from. Any other software piracy requests/offers will also cause banning. We ABSOLUTELY do not accept software piracy in any form or to any degree. EVER!!!!!

7. Signatures may not be larger than 5 lines of text vertically. You may include pictures, but the total height cannot be bigger than five lines of plain (normal sized) text would be. Also, no pictures wider than 500 pixels. This is to keep signatures from interfering with the display of the forum and the flow of conversation.

8. Anybody who creates a hostile environment or breaks rules repeatedly will be banned at our discretion. Come on, let's keep this friendly and fun!

9. This means that you CAN'T say anything mean to anyone else on this forum. You are ONLY allowed to be nice, at all times. What a horrible thing to have to endure...

10. No "bumping" of topics! Bumping a topic means posting something meaningless like "Nobody?" or "C'mon, answer me!" to your topic to make it pop up to the top of the list. If nobody answers you, then they must not be interested in that topic, so move on with your life! More often they're not responding because you're trying to bump the topic within 5 minutes of first posting it. This is a message board, not a chatroom, so it may be DAYS before a large percentage of our forum visitors have even seen your post!

10B. It is also "bumping" to post in incredibly old topics. This is often called necromancy. Don't do it. If a topic has fallen far into the distance, there is a reason. Read to it for handy information, but don't post in it.

11. NO LEET SPEAK. I just really deeply dislike it. If you don't know what it is, don't worry, you're not doing it. Also, this fits under rule 2, because it's very obnoxious, but people don't seem to realize that.

12. No tiny or huge text outside of Total Mayhem. SHOUTING BY USING HUGE LETTERS IS RUDE and whispering in tiny text is too. So is posting 'invisible text' like this -> [you can't see me].

13. One account per person. Creating multiple accounts for any reason is just about the most serious offense you can commit. It is equivalent to stealing from me, since each account gets free yerfbucks.

14. Only link to family-friendly sites. If a website you want to post a link to breaks the rules of this site, don't link to it! Most notably this means NO YOUTUBE LINKS. The comments on Youtube are invariably covered in profanity.

The whole point of these rules is to create an environment where people can feel comfortable coming to discuss games, get help, or even just chat about life, without feeling like they're going to be attacked or overwhelmed with garbage. It's not about creating a rigid environment where you can't do anything, but simply an open and friendly one where you CAN do anything - that would be appropriate in polite company in the real world. You can overwhelm everybody with garbage in the Total Mayhem forum if you like.

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