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Recently we purchased a Play Station II (the price went down and it incluces a DVD player). My nephews already have one, and one day I was asked to play a game called "Cookie and Cream". Of course, I had never played on a Play Station before (except for Tetris). It's a really fun game where you and your partner help one another out (like moving an obstacle out of the way for your partner) to get to the goal (finish line). Well, of course, I wasn't good enough to play with my nephew and he got sort of got frustrated with me.

Well we purchased the game, and my husband and I have been playing it the last few nights. We're pretty pathetic. We're awful at jumping. We have the basics, but can't seem to get the hang of jumping a "long" distance. We've been successful occasionally, but aren't consistent. (After the first night I played, I woke up the next morning with a sore left hand!)

Does anyone have any tips? I want to be able to whip my nephew's butt when I see him again (yeah right, well I'd like to have a fighting chance!).
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I've never played that game, though I wanted to, but here's a tip: my sister was playing my gameboy and I noticed she didn't understand something that seems natural to me, having been weaned on Super Mario Bros. and such. The longer you hold down the jump button (within reason!), the higher your jump will be (and thusly longer too). A quick tap is a little hop, and holding it down is a long jump. Also, many games give you something very unrealistic: air control. So keep holding the controller in the direction you want to go and you can have some limited control over your flight path. Some games give you lots of control, some a little, some none. And lastly, some people don't really realize how physically accurate games tend to be: the faster you're moving, the further you'll jump! That applies to almost any game that has jumping. I don't know if that helps any, but I really noticed that my sister didn't understand the button-holding thing, so it sounds possible.

Mike Hommel

Marshmallow Head, Hamumu Software


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Thanks Mike. What you said about holding onto the jump button seems to be the trick. My husband has seemed to have caught onto it, but I still need some practice (drats).
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