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The week of September 21 is Banned Books week - now is the time to start planning what you are going to read in celebration of your freedom to read freely. My banned book this year is Song of Solomon. It's been on my to read pile for about a year, I just never realized how much of a rebel reading it would make me. Read all about Banned Books Week at:


They have a few lists of the most frequently banned books over the years. Use it to pick one out. You might be surprised at how subversive you have already been.

Read a banned book (Heck, read any book!) -

It's good, good for you, and provides that feeling of being slightly naughty anyway.
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The irony is, we were FORCED to read at least 3 of those books in high school! Huck Finn, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Of Mice And Men. Also The Catcher In The Rye in college.

Must be my bleeding heart liberal California education!

(I also think it's funny that the girl's version of What's Happening To My Body is 40th most banned and the boy's version is 61st most banned!)

I've read quite a few of those things actually. Wait a minute, #88 is "Where's Waldo?"!!

Mike Hommel

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In my class all the kid's love Where's Waldo? It's okay but I like reading chapter book's too. also another book kid's like including me, Amazing mazes and Amazing mazes 2, it realy get's your brain working. The Bailey School Kid's was more popular when I was in grade 3. thoes book's are good but kinda short. I never had a chance too read the Mirror of Merlin, it was quite thick and had a little map on the first page too see what the land was like and what places the book took place.
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