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Default Can It Be Done?

Can the download worlds that are marked REQUIRES THE FUN PACK also be downloaded and played in Dr. L with Cheese?
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No, those are only for the original Dr. Lunatic (with the Fun Pack, of course). Pretty much every original Dr. L world can be downloaded in Supreme form by grabbing the Supreme Original Add-Ons Pack; other than that, you're out of luck.
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Probably. Dr. Lunatic Supreme with Cheese has all the content in the fun pack.
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Dave Hettel
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yeah, you can do it, but it wouldn't be as fun as if it was download as one of the supreme addon worlds.
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The installers on those won't work right (they won't find the right folder, and if the world uses any images, movies, custom sounds, or whatever, it won't put them in the right place for Supreme to access them). That's why I created the Supreme Original Add-Ons Pack, which contains all the Fun Pack and pre-Fun Pack worlds that weren't included in Supreme itself. So just grab that!

I know Forest Frenzy came out more recently... for some reason I thought its installer would work for either game, but I don't think it does. If you manually choose the Supreme folder (not the worlds subfolder) when it suggests where to install, it should install into Supreme just fine though. That should be the only world where there's any question... any other non-Supremes that came out recently have 2 installers, so pick the Supreme one!
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