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i like your ideas! here is some more monsters for the circus theme,

Monster 1: lion tamer

tames lions, makes the lions attack you, and hits you with a whip.

Monster 2: Wild Lion

a Lion that hasn't been tamed yet, don't let a lion tamer get to it.

Monster 3: Tamed Lion

like the Wild Lion, but is tamed by a lion tamer and will attack you.

Hope you like the ideas!

The Emperor Master
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Dumb Person
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Here's some more ideas...

Master Key:One use only, like a yellow key, but it will open any door.

Generator, wires, lightbulb, electro door: The generator has a switch on it that turns it on. Once it's on, you move the wires around by pushing them to connect them to electro doors or lightbulbs. (I'm thinking something kinda like Swampgas Caverns in Loonyland.) The lightbulbs make a light when the are connected so you can light up dark areas, and electro doors will open once you connect thier current.

Conveyor Belt: There are four kinds: up, down, left, or right. When Bouapha stands on them, he gets carried to the end of the conveyor belt. You have no control over Bouapha while he's on a conveyor belt.
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Dumb Person
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Posts: 4,349

Mr. Slappy: A little guy with BIG hands. Will chase you tirelessly until he gets close enough to smack you with his hands.

Muncho Moss: Looks exactly like Mucho Moss, exept doesn't reproduce. Hide it it patches of regular Mucho Moss, and when the player gets close, it attacks with its vicious sharp teeth.

False Teeth: Little false teeth that chase you around. Sort of like a Pumpkin, but is chasing Bouapha from the start of the level.

Papa Spider: Boss. Big red version of the Mama Spider.

Pies: Special weapon for the Circus theme.

Terrain Flag: Ghost Proof: If you set this flag, then make a wall with it, ghosts will not be able to pass through it. Finally!

Purple Egg: A purple Xeno Egg. Does not hatch Xenoids, but waits until you get close, hatches into a Xeno Hunter, then disappears.

Evil Brain: Looks like a normal brain item until you get close. Then it moves towards you and causes damage on contact Basically like a Pumpkin in disguise.

Bone Lord: A big red Bonehead. Summons Boneheads, kicks you at close range, and throws its Bonerang at long range.

Flashlight: Special Weapon. Has no effect on most monsters, but will injure Dark Vampires!

Happy Face Man: Basically just a giant HSM head. Floats after you and fires Matilda's death ray.

Moss Problems: I don't like it when moss grows under doors. Maybe you could disable this feature.

Make sng wall: Raises only the wall tile at target coordinates, even if there are adjacent tiles that are exactly like the one at the target coordinates.

Zap sng wall: See above.

Disco Theme: Items and monsters for disco worlds, like Disco Zombies, Sonic Speakers, (Makes the 'booms' of a super zombie,) and a disco ball that shoots lasers.

Magic Bottle: When the player gets close, it spews out a Djinni and then disappears.

Spooky Grave: Generates a Bonehead every few seconds.

Mucho Moss Grande: Mini-Boss. A giant moving Moss Grande. Shoots streams of red bullets, and ocassionally summons Mucho Moss.

The Pants of Power - what more could you want??
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