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Uh oh, maybe when you clear them they don't turn off... I would say, if you don't mind losing your high scores, then just delete loony.cfg from your Loonyland directory. Voila, everything solved! At least I think so. If you really need to keep your high scores, then email me and I'll tell you the badge getting/clearing cheats. Actually, here's an easier way - start your game as the frog, then earn the frog badge (if you remember how to do it, it will take only a few seconds). Then go turn it off and start a new game!

Mike Hommel

Marshmallow Head, Hamumu Software


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Hey, Mike! I am trying to replay Looney Land, and I cleared my badges a while ago. Somehow I am a frog, even when I try to start a new game. I know the witch turned me into a frog, but how do I get back? I also lost my list of helps to clear the badges, get the badges, etc. I think that if I clear the badges again, I may go back to normal! Thanks!
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