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Default We are back in action!! :)

At long last, our site collapse is resolved. Here's the story:

What happened
On thursday evening, our site got hacked. Looks like the hacker either screwed up, or just intended to screw us over, because he ended up locking up the entire site, so nobody (him included) could get in and do anything. But the website still worked fine, I just couldn't change it (I couldn't FTP or telnet or receive email).

The hosting company, Servepath, is the worst in the universe. They took days to even begin to offer any assistance, despite continuous calls and pestering. We will be moving to a new host this week.

You may notice some forum posts and journal entries missing if you were visiting during the weekend. Unfortunately, those were lost, because we restored from a backup that was made on friday.

The reason for being hacked was that we were running older versions of some software, should've updated, but didn't. So there were security holes that were exploited. Now, we have moved to a new server, updated all the software, and we are 'hackproof' (insofar as that can be on the internet...) once again.

Some people emailed me, concerned that their personal information was at risk from the hacker. Trust me, it absolutely was not! There is no personal information stored on our server. When you place an order, your data is sent via a secure connection to a secure server. The likelihood of the secure server being hacked is thousands of times lower than the likelihood that someone will simply pickpocket you when you're at the mall. So please understand this clearly: Your personal information was and is 100% safe. It was never at any risk! It is NOT kept on this server. The worst this hack could accomplish was to be a nuisance to us all.

The Future

Obviously, I have changed from someone who isn't too concerned about internet security into a manic paranoid freak. First and foremost, we are moving to a new hosting company, one that will resolve problems (or at the least, turn off the server!) within minutes or hours instead of days. Servepath (let me mention their name again!) COMPLETELY failed us, beyond my worst nightmares. This was an absolute emergency and they left the ball right on the ground, never even picked it up long enough to drop it! Heck, they STOMPED on it (Pardon the abuse of metaphor).

Secondly, once we're at the new host, we will be more than dilligent about software updates. This is not something I want to go through again for any reason. And let this be a lesson to you: Click on Windows Update on your computer, and keep it up to date! Security holes suck!
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Note: strange issue right now... if you try to email us, it'll tell you it bounced back to you, but we do receive it. So ignore the bounce! We're getting your emails! Just another part of the recovery process...

And I've signed up with a new hosting company, hopefully we'll go live there this week, but it'll take time to set up all the databases and everything. We're working on it!
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