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Default True Ship Stories.....

Sadly no date but- There is a superstition among seafaring folk that a Friday is not a good day to launch a ship.
The British Navy decided to ignore this, in order to prove a point, and launched a ship called 'HMS Friday' on a Friday. They even managed to find a captain called 'Captain Friday'!!! Unfortunately it sank with all lives lost, so all they proved was that you shouldn't launch a ship on a Friday!!! :wink:

February 1948- A Dutch freighter, the Ourang Medan, was sailing to Indonisia, when an SOS call was heard. When rescue ships reached it, all on board were dead, with their hands raisedup as if to push and their eyes wide open with horror. Even the ship's dog had died like this! There was no sign of poisoning or any kind of disturbance. What happened to the people upon the freighter is still a mystery today!!!
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In 1625, the King of Sweden ordered the construction of a new warship.
The warship, named the Vasa, was the largest, most powerful, and expensive warship in the Swedish Navy.
It had a 136 foot long keel, 64 guns, and was decorated with over 500 carved sculptures.
It took 3 years to build, costing 5% of Sweden's GNP.

The Vasa was launched on August 10, 1628. It traveled 1400 yards, heeled over, and sank in the harbor.
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My father was on an ammunition ship that was in Pearl Harbor when the Japanese bombed it. The ship wasn't scheduled to be there, they had just happened to pull in, so the Japanese intelligence wasn't aware that they were there. If they had hit my dad's ship they probably would have done even worse damage than they did anyway.
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Originally Posted by Hammered
If they had hit my dad's ship they probably would have done even worse damage than they did anyway.
...and we would never have had the pleasure of knowing you .

But I'm glad we do!

- Ducky (Boy, it's cold up here...)

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