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Default I just want to point out.

Originally Posted by (in Dr.L) Jamul
You can't overcome the pyschic stare of the Starey Bat
Are you sure? You can walk directly into the Starey bat and you very slowly get closer and closer.

Oh yeah, you forgot the [bby]on Mush the shroom. He produces shrooms doesn't he?

This has got nothing to do with gameplay I just want to point it out. :wink:
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You can move towards Starey Bats just as you can move away from Dust Devil. And like with Dusty, you have to move at a certain angle or it won't work. I created a crappy level full of Starey Bats once where you had to do that. Also, a fun thing about Starey Bats is that you can mind control them and they'll push away the enemies! Looks kinda funny if they're making Geozoids or Turrets fly away.
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There was one world (Bouapha's Nightmare?) Where there were twisters pushing and pulling each other. It looked like some sort of dance!
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