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Originally Posted by Christian
Originally Posted by Ducky
Good going Christian. Stay out of the heat. If you like you can come to my pond to cool off? I can share with my fellow feathered friend.
That's very kind of you, Ducky! But are you sure you've thought this through? An owl's diet consists largely of ... er ... well, I'll just come right out with it ... mice, OK?
Well...hmm...Ok, I didnt think that one through. But if I run down to the
pet shop, I can get a bunch of "snacks" then have her come by. You'd be full by then (I'd make sure). Or else I could just put her in full plate armor.
However, the metal might chafe abit, and she just had hip surgery....
hmm...besides how could I possibly explain someone else in my pond, eh?
Well, Mouse was always one to make people laugh, so you wouldn't eat the entertainment...would you?

And above all that, with all the experimental medication in her body, she would likely put you in a coma. (Anti-nitrogen pills called Buphenyl).
Ahh...Pengy...such a cold chick...(Brrrrr.)

-Ducky (Pass the penguin broth :P )

Mallard Memory 3 and Duck Wars --- Stopped
Learning new C++ programming library now.
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