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Default Teenyland Help

I'm working on Teenyland and am stuck on Sameis the Name of the Game.I know the object is to move the barrels in some kind of symetrical pattern but I can;t figure out what it is. One set freezes when it is n position. I got one other one to freeze also , but when I move the similar ones into the same poswition in their quadrant nothing happens. I have tried moving them at random and lining them up and hitting every square. I'm really stuck.

Any hints will be gratefully accepted


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There are three different kinds of barrels. The bottom right area and both of the left areas have one barrel fixed in place when you start. Move the same type of barrel to that same location in each of the other three areas. Repeat for the other barrels until all of them are locked in place.

If you already done all that and if you have the new patch, that would be the problem since the compare area trigger was changed. After all barrels are locked in place, go stand on one of the blue tiles. I haven't played this world since the patch, but it looks like that will work.
FKA Christian
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I had done all of those things with the barrels and nothing happened. But...I had rebooted and when I movd the barrels it worked. I'm not sure why...I had installed the new patch a few days ago.

The ways of the computer are strange and mysterious...

Thanks again

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