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Default Ninja multiplayer

Hmm... I saw the preview for Ninja Academy (or whatever you call it.) I sorta prefer the current bricks to the bamboo, but the new background and sprites look *awesome*.

Anyhow, my question is, what kind of multiplayer support are you going to add?

Oh, and not that anyone cares, but my high scores:
Basic training 1:06 (seems too fast... maybe a bug?)
Advanced skills 1:41
Final exam 2:36

Obviously, the game is addictively fun.

And finally, I have 1 small bug to report. Certain effects (Question marks, ninja dash) can last into the next game if you restart quickly. Eg., if you quit during a ninja dash and immediately press control (on the menu,) your next game seems to start with a dash.
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Any bug report is going to be pretty irrelevant with all the rewiring going on, so don't worry too much about that.

The multiplayer modes in Ninja are same-computer ones, no internet or anything. In each Era, there is a unique multiplayer game which supports a different number of players and teams, depending on the game. The first will be the simplest, a plain old deathmatch, for up to 4 players. You can set any number of the players to be CPU players, though their brains will be so weak that they will be absolutely useless in any organized modes, like capture the flag. All they know how to do is destroy. The most human players allowed in any mode is always 4. You can configure the button for each player, so one guy might be holding the mouse (you can hold it up in the air if you like, since the button is all you need!), one on a joystick, and one on either end of the keyboard, or any other combo of buttons on the mouse, joystick, or keyboard. When you only need to hit one button, it's not too bad to share a keyboard! Plug in a dance pad with an adapter and have one player on each of the 4 arrows, tapping their foot!

One thing you'll be able to do in any mode is record replays to show off your amazing combos or how you slew all your friends. What I'm working on right now is the Tony Hawk-type combo system, where it lists all the moves you did and gives you a score for each, so trying to invent huge combos and avoid touching the ground is going to be a big part of it.
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