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Default DuckWorld 1

Sorry about the odd topic name, but I already used DuckWorld as a
topic once. I just didnt want to "Bump" it up to here since most
of the replies werent relevant to DuckWorld....

So, the reason I wrote to you fellow Hamumu nuts, is this. I opened up my
mind (kinda messy) and ears (not unlike Dumbo) and I am listening to things people like and dont like and going over all my notes and updating
them as I go. I'd like to be building personally, but I need to play to get a better undestanding of the dynamics (ok, I am playing because I'm lazy, I'll admit it ).

Anyways, I have come up with so much good stuff, I am bursting with "Happy". If anyone wishes, they may see the groundwork already in progress on DuckWorld. If you do a search of the two characters " " you will see my posts pertaining to the World I am making.

I've seen some world builders sometimes do something no one has....something that pushes the limits of the current patch.....
This is my something. I am great with making up stories..and I wont put all of it in the game...Some will be right here on the forums .

So...sit back and enter my world...the world I have created...for you....my friends. The ones who have given me laughs, fun, and good feelings just because we are all here together. No money involved. No pretences. Not one negitive thing. Just us. Having fun.

DuckWorld: It...has....begun!

- Ducky (Editing my way into the books)

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Yellow zoids...
You can change their mouth colors too (I've tried...Although you can't color them and their mouths at the same time... )
There you go, 'Ducks'
Short story stuff!
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