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Dave Hettel
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Default Randomly Colored Cars?

I have a bunch of You-go's, Parked Cars, and Moving Cars, probably a couple of Autozoid's. Is there any way to color the cars randomly at the beginning of the level?
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Not generally... since Monster Color takes a specific value and not a variable, you'd need 8 different Monster Color specials per car to do a true random thing. You can hand color them to an assortment of colors...

Traffic you can do something interesting with - have a place on the road (like a tunnel where it gets pitch black for a short distance!) where if a Traffic steps on the space, you have 8 specials, each one like "If step here and random 5%, change Traffic at here to color X" where each X is a different color. Put some random brightness to on a separate couple of specials. Then as the Traffic makes its loop around the city, you keep seeing different colored cars each time. I guess you'd need this in several places for several different loops. It wouldn't help with the initial coloring, but I don't know any way to do better with that than by hand. Maybe somebody else has something on that.
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To do this, you need specials going something like this:

Once every 0 seconds 


Set variable V0 to 1R8
Then, a series of specials choosing the color the cars will become:

If V0 is 1 Exactly


Change X at Y to color grey.
(X represents the enemy you are changing, Y represents where it is)
Then, you would do if V0 is 2 change X at Y to green, if V0 is 3 change
X at Y to brown.
WARNING! This could take a VERY long time and will probably result in too many specials.

I do hope this helps!
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