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Default connection dissapearing?

i have a wireless router, but due to me not being able to figure out how to use a wireless adapter on the ps2, i had to connect via physical connection. i have tried this three times. it seems that after a few days of online play, the connection completely dissapears!!! we have to set it back up every time. whats the cause of this?

p.s. my connection is locked, it has a password. there was no place to enter a password in the ps2 setup thingy, but i pressed "automatic setup" and it worked. might this have anything to do with my problem?
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Well the Ps2 online service isnt that great I used to have a bunch of troubles but then I got a wireless bridge thing, but you may want to turn your firewall off Im not sure if that is causeing the problem. Or do some reserach and buy a wireless set up (one that is compatiable with your router) otherwise try actually calling sony and talking with a person they might solve your problem but anyway I hope you get this fixed becuase I know how frusterated I was with my ps2
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My internet does the same thing, only every few hours.
I don't know how to fix it.
It happens almost regularly (?).

Just read second post..... either way, how do you turn the firewall off?
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