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I thought I was special!
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Default Hooray for domains!

I just got a real domain name for my T(ony)H(awks)A(merican)W(asteland) clan!

Its www.capmasterz.com ! Hooray! Its still unfinished, you can tell by the links, but its still awesome! I wish i could say i made it, but i didnt, another guy is. Hes another leader of my clan(we have 3). Hes paying for it too.

Looks awesome, huh?
I am a jedi warrior.
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eats people.
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Looks pretty cool, I can probably help out with anything that isn't past the docks area (I played it at my cousins, but left before I could get farther). I think I've said this before, but this is the easiest Tony Hawk game I've played except THUG1, and by far the coolest. Nadas Spin (SP?) is a really awesome trick IMO. Also, I wish the AMJam was harder, I blew past it on my first try. Front/back/side flips do wonders here, IF you manage to get on the half pipe.
No bueno.
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