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Puny Mortal
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Default Re: #40 - Blacker Box

Originally Posted by dorham
I got a bunch of dots, is it right or am I doing it wrong?
I can't make anything out of those dots.
this is all i'm getting as well :/
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Less Puny Mortal
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Default Re: #40 - Blacker Box

Still no clue with paint shop pro! GIMP will still not install properly.
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The Demagogue
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Default Re: #40 - Blacker Box

I have the numbers, and I heard somewhere to do something with hex or the like, but I just get ..............................
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Less Puny Mortal
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Default Re: #40 - Blacker Box

i tried a lot of things i could think of and i read thru this forum a bunch of times, but i'm stil really clueless sorry i'm that stupid >< can some1 please pm me the answer or email? thanks
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