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Default Your Weirdest Dreams...

What are your weirdest dreams?
Any type of dream (nightmare, good dream, etc.) is welcome.

This is mine:

I felt like I was flying after the Batmobile (yes, the Batman was in my dream) which was trying to capture an alien that controls peoples' minds by breathing gas into them, making lines appear on their chins. Batman stopped at a supermarket, where I gone to hide, and found a computer with Starcraft on it, then I played some Starcraft, but it seemed that Infested Kerrigan (the center head in the Starcraft-Brood War title screen) was 'gassed' by the alien. Then I found myself outside,
where I saw Robin get 'gassed' by the alien. It seemed that Robin was actually Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars because someone called him 'Annie'. My dream ends there.
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Once I had this dream where my little brother and I were being chased by dangerous criminals across a gigantic, busy, infinity-lane highway. For some reason, there was a huge tree in the middle of the road, hundreds of feet tall. We climbed up the tree to escape the criminals and entered a large treehouse, which was actually a tree-restaurant. The head chef came up to me and asked to see my brother. He led my brother off to the kitchen and a minute later, they returned. Only now, my brother had the body of a roast chicken. He waddled over and looked around incredulously, as if he didn't realize anything was wrong. That's all I remember. Weird.
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i am posting this just after waking up from that dream

i was watching some movie called 'pokemon king kong' where king kong was groudon and people were trying to catch him with master balls and shooting pokemon attacks at him
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I remember some dreams when I was younger...one was I was in the middle of an million person crowd of skeletons...but then I walked right through them. 0_o

And there's the one were I climbed a playground and jumped down in slo-mo.
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If I'm being chased in a dream and I'm trying to run faster it's like I was running in porridge. Also, I'm never able to fly when I'm dreaming, like once I dreamed I was Daredevil (Yeah, I know he can't really fly).
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I remeber one where I was behind a wooden dam and it gave way to a Tsunami.
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Oh yeah, I just remembered one where I was playing Supreme w/ Cheese...as a platformer game...and on the cell phone!
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Hm... Hard to say which ones are the weirdest. I've had lots of weird dreams :-/ But that dream where I ate my fingers was kinda weird... So was the one where I died and everything became black and white... Or the one which featured an army of Ernie clones... Or the one where a stickman version of Pinhead was trying to kill me, teaming up with samurais armed with burito guns along the way... Actually, almost all of them are unusually weird :-\
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I just had a dream where I won Fear Factor.
No bueno.
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I had a dream where i Was falling through space at high speed
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