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Default How to Solve Meet the Parents

I have been receiving a few PMs about the solution to Meet the Parents and I have heard from other people that they are having problems with it, so here is a big hint on how to solve it:

Make your best guesses for the top row. Then write down those guesses and flip the switch. There will be a coin in every one that is correct. That should leave only a small group to rework. There is a logical reason for every combination based on color, brightness, name and behavior of the child monster, so there shouldn't be very many left to rework, plus you already know you haven't got it so you can just restart the level right now, and not bother with the other rows.

Here's another time saving idea. After your try, you hopefully only need to figure out how to do just a few from that row, and you know at least one answer that isn't correct for each of those. Make new guesses and slide just those into place, write those down, and flip the switch. Go look for coins and hopefully you have an even smaller set or maybe even nothing left to solve.

You can use the same logic on every single row, except that somewhere in there is a seal with some Punk Bunny in his heritage that you have to walk up to in order to get him to drop his coin. (Oops! Was that a clue for one of the parents for one of the seals?)

Once you know all the answers for every row, you can go back into the level and put in the whole solution for your keychain.

PS. If you ever see a pair you really thought was right not giving coins, check that the letters are in alphabetic order.
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