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Default Difficulty ratings

One thing I noted with the latest puzzles (such as both "bacon" puzzles) is that some people solve them very quickly, and give them low ratings, while everyone else is totally stuck. Since ratings are only given by solvers, that means that these puzzles end up with deceptively low ratings, because only the people who found them easy are ranking them.

Could it also be possible to sort puzzles by amount of solvers? Or maybe amount of solvers divided by days it was available or something? That might give a more accurate idea of how solvable the puzzles are.
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Yeah something like this would be helpful... I usually dont trust the ratings on any puzzle solved by less then 10 people.
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Ah, I see there is already a discussion on this, good.

Today, I tried the "hardest" puzzle, "The Bad Book". While I agree it was difficult, it took me all of about five minutes to work it out. On the other hand, there are puzzles rated much simpler ("Sadly Similar" at 2.9) which I have not a single idea where to go with it.

This suggests two things: (1)The puzzles that are really hard may never get rated at all by most players, or perhaps some require specialized knowlege that, if you have it, make it mind-numbingly easy while it remains impossible for others. (2) Because of this, I personally may never rate a puzzle at 5, because the only way I'm likely to think it's really tough is if I just plain can't solve it.

It seems like ratings ought to reflect in some way the number of people who attempt a puzzle but are unable to solve it, perhaps with some sort of weighting based on how many puzzles they *have* solved, and how difficult those were considered.
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Okay, I just gave "Blacker Box" a five, mainly because I came across the info I needed to solve it pretty much on accident, and can't imagine I would have ever thought of it on purpose. Still, I imagine some people with more computer knowledge than me might have thought to look there right away.
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I know I didn't, how often does someone really use that feature of Photoshop? For me, I maybe used it like once or twice before. Also to the guy above who solved Bad Book in 5 minutes, that's pretty awesome. I was on the right track in about 5 minutes, but finding the right cipher took me considerably longer, and once I did, it was all downhill.
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