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Costume Party Creator's PassAdd To Cart ($2.95)

Earn 25 awards while you play Costume Party. Build your own levels using the extremely simple level editor, and automatically share them with the world! The entire game is internet-connected, so your levels are shared with everyone, and you can play the game from any computer in the world and keep your settings and progress! Each award you earn unlocks fun bonus tiles to build with! Who doesn't want a trampoline?

  • Earn 25 special awards while playing

  • Each award unlocks a bonus tile to build with!

  • Build levels of your own with the simple level editor!

  • Buy this while logged into your Dumb Account, and it will instantly activate! Play right away!

  • Expansions are available for only $4.95 each! Winter Pack and Dumb Pack! Each one adds 3 costumes, 15 awards, and 25 tiles!

  • Requires a Dumb Account to play (they're free!)

  • Rated by 25 players
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Patches & Updates
Costume Party Update Page (Under 1MB)
If you get an error logging into Costume Party, visit this page to update!
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