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Costume Party Dumb PackAdd To Cart ($0.95)

The Dumb Pack adds lots of Hamumu-themed excitement to Costume Party. The Bouapha, Yerfdog, and Happy Stick Ninja costumes add entirely new game mechanics including wall jumps, ricochet shots, and inhaling monsters! You'll also face new threats from evil Bodzhas, Gorkas, Squashes, and Pumpkins... and get help from the always peaceable Fat Crow!

  • Bouapha Costume which can throw deadly Red Hammers and smash Bricks

  • Yerfdog Costume which can inhale monsters and objects

  • Highly agile Happy Stick Ninja Costume with acrobatic and stealth skills

  • Over 20 new tiles, ranging from Trap Doors and Pumpkin Patches to electrical gear allowing you to set up elaborate traps and puzzles

  • Fifteen new Awards to earn

  • Buy this while logged into your Dumb Account, and it will instantly activate! Play right away!

  • Requires Costume Party Creator's Pass

  • Rated by 15 players
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