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NPC QuestDownload For PC (1.4MB)

Another 48-hour contest! The theme was "Preparation: Set it up and let it go", so I made this game. It's an RPG game, except all you do is the shopping, then you sit back and watch how well your preparations worked for your automatically controlled character (for those not in the know, NPC means 'Non Player Character' in role-playing parlance). There's still quite a bit of strategy to it, and it's pretty fun. Try to get a high score, and tell us about it on the forum! By the way, before playing, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!! This isn't the version created in 48 hours. This version adds a ton of vast improvements, though the original may have been better balanced. It was certainly easier!

  • Purchase fabulous items like the Fuschia Housecoat and Amulet of Omelet

  • Thrill as you watch your adventurer adventure!

  • Astounding ability to speed up the watching.

  • Level up and change into one of 9 different classes, including Used Car Salesman and Chef.

  • A high score table, so compete away!

  • Rated by 35 players
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