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My game or demo crashes as soon as I start it with some error message!
The colors go all wonky in my game!
Messed up colors on Windows 7?
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    Where is the quest "A True Hero"?
    How do I hurt Ghosts?
    How do I hurt Werewolves?
    I'm missing one pair of pants (or a heart, or an arrow, or whatever), where is it??
    How do I get past the 2nd floor of the Haunted Tower?
    How do I deal with the fuseboxes in Deeper Under The Lake?
    How do I get the Arrow in A Messy Cabin?
Like many of the puzzles in this game, there is undoubtedly a simple series of steps which would complete it by rote. But I'm not gonna give that to you, and I don't know it anyway. Because you just don't need it! This puzzle is actually really easy to do just by trial and error, but some people get really stuck on it. Here's what you need to know:
  • The left crank slides the bottom two rows one space to the right.
  • The right crank slides the two rows above the bottom one, one space to the left.
  • Important: these are barrels! Remember - you can push barrels.
  • Your main goal should be to try to create a gap wider than one space anywhere you can. Make as many as you can, and make them as wide as you can.
  • Once you have one or more spots that are double wide, try messing with both cranks a lot. You should be able to create a path to the arrow.
  • Push barrels up beyond the rows that can rotate, and they'll be permanently out of your hair.
  • Just make sure you don't push any up in the center, blocking the arrow for good!
  • If at first you don't succeed, hop out the door and try again!
    How do I complete the Swamp Gas Caverns?
    How do I earn a merit badge?
    How about a quest list?
    How can I cheat?
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