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Hamumu Games is an independent game development company, consisting of a married couple, two dogs, and a cat. Mike Hommel does almost everything, Solange Hommel helps out with sound effects, business stuff, playtesting, and other odds and ends - especially moral support of the highest order. Huzzah, Pizzazz, Oliver, and Bonsai just get in the way and cause trouble (sadly Huzzah is the only cat left as of this writing). Wiggles and Trooper are the dogs (Mia is deceased), and they just cost money and prevent us from ever going anywhere.

In addition to the main Hamumu Crew, we've on occasion contracted out some bits of work to various people, most notably Brent Christian who did all the music for several of our games.

Another part of our crew which generally goes unacknowledged is the rabid fanbase. They are few in number, but go far beyond just being friendly to us - Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese is an enormous game with over 1,200 levels... and at least 800 of those levels were made by our fans. We have fans who create content for our games (especially Dr. Lunatic and Stockboy), fans who create art and levels to share with the community, and of course tons more who do playtesting. I personally appreciate the work the fans put into this stuff more than they can guess! Sometimes it's a little overwhelming to think about the hours they've put in, entirely for free on our behalf. I don't want to name any names here for fear of leaving some out, but check the credits in the games to see who exactly helped with what. We wouldn't be where we are today without their help!
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