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Frequently Asked Questions
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About Hamumu Games, Inc.
Where are you located?
Just who are you guys?
What's an Indie Developer?
How do you make these games?
We write all the games in C/C++ (that means a hodgepodge mix of whatever I like in each), and use the following tools and libraries to help out:
  • FMOD - A sound/music library
  • Proton SDK - A cross-platform game engine, used for Growtopia
  • Allegro - A graphics library
  • PTK - A cross-platform graphics library for Mac and PC
  • 3DS Max - A 3D modelling program
  • Cool Edit 2000 - A sound editing program
  • FL Studio - A music making program
  • Paint Shop Pro 9 and 10 - An indispensable paint program
  • Visual C++ 6.0 - Compiler and development environment. Yes, it's very very antiquated now. We've also used newer versions.
  • OpenOffice - Mainly the spreadsheet to plan all the work I'm not gonna get done, and motivate me to almost do it! I also use the word processor a lot. This stuff is just as good as Office, and much free-er
  • Google Sheets - We do a lot of stuff in Google Sheets! It was the key to collaborating on Growtopia
  • The Journal - great program for throwing together all kinds of information and keeping it organized. I run my life in it (mainly just keeping track of which video games I need to buy)
  • Notepad - world renowned development environment (the link isn't to Notepad actually, but it's kind of interesting! I still use the original)
  • Actual notepads - even more popular, for sketches and notes
  • Pens and pencils - peripherals for the notepads
We've also released a bunch of Flash games as well, developed using Flixel library, FlashDevelop, and of course the now-near-dead Adobe Flash. And of course some web games made in good old PHP and MySQL.
What does Hamumu mean?
What's an 8-letter sport like tennis, but played on a table?
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