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My game or demo crashes as soon as I start it with some error message!
The colors go all wonky in my game!
Messed up colors on Windows 7?
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About Kid Mystic
    How can I cheat?
Here are the cheats for Kid Mystic! Use them wisely, don't ruin all your fun. Just type them in while playing to use them.
  • iamawinner - win the level
  • damedinero - free money
  • rutabaga - experience points
  • kaboooom - blow up badguys (4 o's)
  • plopplopfizfiz - max firepower
  • rocknroll - shield (stoneskin/steelskin)
  • liquefaction - walk on water
    The light puzzle in Puzzling Caverns. Are you insane?
    How can I beat Bobby Khan?
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