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My game or demo crashes as soon as I start it with some error message!
The colors go all wonky in my game!
Messed up colors on Windows 7?
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    I can't log in!
First of all, make sure you are entering your Dumb Account name and password correctly (make sure you are using the right capitalization on your password too)! If you don't know what I'm talking about, then that's the problem. You need to create a Dumb Account. Check out this page for information about that. It's free and does not get you spammed!

If you have a Dumb Account, and it's not letting you in with your correct password, there's a file it creates called gamelog.txt. Navigate to the Costume Party folder on your computer (in Program Files, presumably), and open that file. Email me with the contents of that log and an explanation of what error you're seeing. I'll help you out!
    The graphics are insane and crazy!
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