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My game or demo crashes as soon as I start it with some error message!
The colors go all wonky in my game!
Messed up colors on Windows 7?
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    I can't log in!
    The graphics are insane and crazy!
If things aren't showing up as they should, the solution is very simple! Run the OpenGL version of the game instead of the DirectX version. This can be found in the Windows Start Menu where the game shortcuts are located (the desktop shortcut is to the DirectX version).

If neither version gives you functional graphics, you may need to update your video drivers. Click Here to learn how to do that.

If the OpenGL version is the one you need, you can change the desktop shortcut to point to it easily. Just right click on the shortcut, choose Properties, and add the word "opengl" (without quotes) to the end of the Target line. It will end up looking like:

"C:\Program Files\Costume Party\costumeparty.exe" opengl

(The folder name may be different depending on where you installed it)
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