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The Patch!09:35 PM -- Thu January 8, 2004

The Supreme patch is here. Now how about if this one is the last one, okay!? We can dream.

In other news, I woke up at 5am this morning with a cold. That's pretty lame. So I'm being a slacker today. In fact, writing this entry is my procrastination from working on TOP SECRET PROJECT NAMED RIGHT HERE WHAT COULD IT BE OH TOO BAD YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND OUT LATER. With my new goals for the year, I feel constantly behind and in need of seriously hammering on this keyboard. But I'm not doing it too much.

Actually, I spent the entire day two days ago working on my sales tax forms (to send in the sales tax I've collected to the government). It's really darn complicated to calculate that stuff, you'd think it'd be easy when you have files of the exact amount you collected, but nooooo... they make you break it down in 17 different ways and put it all back together to discover, voila, it was the same number you started with! Actually, part of the complexity of the task was the fact that it wasn't the same number. Turns out the number I had for how much tax I had collected was wrong... stupid automated system (not mine, mind you!) at Linkpoint was doing it wrong. I think it was counting the tax I had refunded on refunded orders. Anyway, I figured that out by the next day and finally finished it. Now just one other major government issue, and I can relax for about a month, until it's time to actually file income tax! Augh!

I'm gonna add something else to my One Thing A Month plan. I'll do one major marketing task a month. My coffers have accumulated a disgusting pile of cash because I never spend any on marketing. Time to fix that. I have some ideas...
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