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Tomorrow's Journal09:15 PM -- Tue January 13, 2004

I came up with a brilliant and wonderful idea: tomorrow, I shall document in excruciatingly dull detail every aspect of my workday to you, as it happens, in this very journal. Ever wanted to know what a typical (or atypical, how will we know in advance?) day for an indie game developer is like? I didn't think you did, but I've been pretty lazy lately, so I can call this work while at the same time having it not really be. There's been so much administrative mumbo-jumbo starting off this year (very little of which is actually finished!) that things are out of sync all around. Maybe having to document what I'm doing in front of an audience will force me to get things done. I'll also put up a Sneak Peek of what I'm working on, because you deserve it. It'll be a surprise!

So come on back tomorrow and check in often, because I'll be posting often!
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