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Waking Up03:30 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004

Here we go! It's 7:22am, and I'm awake, showered, and eating Honey Puffs, which are generic Honeycomb, with OJ, because it isn't breakfast if there's no OJ. My lovely wife is going to work right now. First steps of the day: connect to IRC to loiter silently in the #ludumdare channel, open my email and go through all the spams, deleting one by one (in case one of them for some odd reason is a real email). Yay, now I have a big fat kitty in my lap! This morning there are 115 items in my inbox, thanks to SpamAssassin, which killed hundreds more. Oh no, a windows update has arrived! I'll have to reboot after it's installed. Okay, I'll get to my email and spend an outrageous amount of time browsing my favorite websites (but not as long as usual, thanks to that eerie feeling of being watched!), then get back to you and tell you ALL about it. Lucky you.
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