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Workin'05:18 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004

I've been taking my game, which consisted of a spaceship you could move around on a screen of stars, doing nothing, and implementing bullets. I really like getting a game to the state of being able to move around and shoot. There's a lot of freedom then to tweak things and see what they do. You can try crazy fast fire rates, really big bullets, super fast movement, slippery movement, dashing abilities, all kinds of things. This is where the true feel of the game is made, I think. How it feels to control the player - that's one of the most important elements of the game. Don't you just hate games where the control doesn't feel right? It's also nice because every little bit of code is a major change and has real visible effects.

Bullets aren't in yet, but mostly. Then I will play around with it for a ridiculous amount of time without making any real progress. I play a lot with special effects too - this spaceship already spews particle fire from its engines, and it can't even shoot yet (not to mention there are no enemies). So what is this game? Never you mind.

I also cleaned the litter box, because a certain cat has issues. It's all glamour and glitz here at Hamumu HQ!
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