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Lunch break!08:31 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004

Well, that's it! There are now enemies, and you can shoot them, and they explode when shot enough. I like the feel and the look, to some extent. There's something lacking visually, but it's getting there. Now that I have something playable, I may have to sit back and spend a little time in the design frame of mind again, as there are a couple directions I'm thinking of taking this (of course, I already decided on one and wrote up the whole design for it... but now others sound interesting, as I see this in action). But either way, it's lunch time. I like to have lunch at around 1pm, so I can watch X-Play while I eat. X-Play is a really stupid show that reviews video games. I think I'm just fascinated by the fact that actual videogames are being discussed on the television. It's like a dream come true. See you after lunch!
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