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Lunch over09:31 PM -- Wed January 14, 2004

Potato & Cauliflower Fritters (it was a recipe in a book... not that impressed with them personally), cheese & onion bread, and yogurt. Man, that sounds like some kind of hippie chow... well, we are low on food that doesn't require serious preparation (the fritters were leftovers, of course). Then a little X-Play, and then I got telemarketed (semi-legitimately... sorta) by American Express, looks like we will be accepting AmEx cards in the near future. I had considered it from the beginning, but never bothered setting it up, as I tend to get very few orders by AmEx (well, zero, but back when I used a payment processor that accepted them, I got very few), and I live by the theory that anybody who has an AmEx card also has a Visa or Mastercard. Why? Because nobody takes Amex!! I have both myself. The AmEx card is only for going to Costco, since it's all they take (very strange, that).

So, technically, it's back to work. But work for now is going to be more mental. I'm going to work out exactly what I want to do with this game, and post up a sneak peek for you to see at some point.
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