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Sneak Peek: Sol Hunt08:04 PM -- Tue February 3, 2004

Yay! I'm working on Sol Hunt! I've done almost nothing but develop and tweak the player weapons this whole month. There are now 7 or 8 of them, and each of them has 10 levels of power. You gain experience blowing up aliens which improves the weapons. This shot shows 3 of my favorites.

In the center are the Homies, which are pretty self-explanatory. They home in. Leveling them up makes them home more accurately and fire more rapidly, and of course do more damage.

In the lower-left is the Shocker, which also pretty much tells you what it does. As you level it up, it chains between more enemies. It's a handy weapon because it fires in a straight line, then if it hits a target, it locks on to that target and stays locked until it blows up or you release the trigger, no matter where you move.

The right weapon is the Autocannon, pretty obligatory, but I think I may have hit a videogame record with this weapon: it fires 240 shots per second at its highest level. The shots you see flying off at funny angles are because the more you level it up, the greater the odds that each individual bullet will ricochet off the guy it hits and potentially hit more guys. That adds a pretty negligible amount of damage, but it's a fun effect.

And what's that other ship next to the player? That's your cargo ship. The C-clamp at the front of it opens up to grab your ship when it's time to dock and leave the level. The six pods on it are placeholders for wherever you don't have a cargo bay, turret, or other handy item. You can customize what you want to put in those 6 spots however you like. Your fighter jet is indestructible, so it's your job to protect the cargo ship from harm. Actually, it too is indestructible, but getting hit causes you to lose some of the cargo you're carrying, and since the goal of the game is to make money, that's bad. I haven't decided yet if it also will take real damage that costs money to repair, or can destroy your cargo pods themselves. I don't think such drastic measures will be needed.
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