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Unproductive06:51 PM -- Tue February 24, 2004

Today I am unproductive. Actually I feel really tired, and there's no good reason - I slept a long time last night (9 hours by my calculation!) and had an hour nap yesterday too. But here I am, all tired. But tired or untired, I'm unproductive. I seem to be mired in a difficult portion of my game development. I can't really specify what's so difficult about it, I'm actually just trying to implement the screen where you equip your ship with different items, but there's just some indefinable tweakiness going on. No bugs or anything, I just can't get what I want. For one thing, I can't seem to come up with what the second most expensive trade good should be! Seems like a trivial decision (and one I don't need to complete this equip screen!), but it's sticking on me... I wonder if this is the dreaded unstoppable Sol Hunt block. I sure hope not. This game should be simple and really fun. I think I'll make a sneak peek of the current state of the equip screen, it's pretty cool looking! It won't inspire me any, but it'll kill some time.
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