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Famous Faces12:59 AM -- Tue March 9, 2004

Last night, I saw this stupid show on E, about how wonderful the 90's were (why they would waste time on a decade other than the 80's, I can't even guess). You know these shows - they're on VH1 too. They enumerate things, and then they have brief clips of interviews with trillions of semi-famous people commenting on it, like "Wham? Yeah, I totally remember them, I'd like rock out in my car yelling 'Wake me up before you go-go!!'". Well, one of the semi-famous people they showed on this show was Kristin Veitch. And I looked at her, and at her name, and I thought, that's odd. Where do I know her from? Then it hit me! From HIGH SCHOOL! She's yet another of the semi-famous (or outrageously famous) Poway High graduates. It's so weird to see something like that. It just trips me out. Not just that they went to my school - Stephanie Seymour went to my school (and Weird Al went to my college!)... it's the fact that they were in my classes, and I knew them, and spoke to them, and know they're nobody special (no offense to them - we're all special creations, blah blah, infinite universe of wonder and light, blah blah). The weirdness doesn't apply as much to the Kristin case, because she's not some kind of super icon now, she's just somebody who happens to have a job that involves showbiz, which automatically affords her a certain level of celebrity (she writes a column for E!Online). The real issue, and the one that consistently and thoroughly blows me mind every time I try to think about it is...

Blink 182. Tom Delonge also was in my graduating class, and he was just nobody special. A stoner (note that I have no evidence or even inkling that he engaged in any illicit drug activity, this is simply a stylistic reference... we all know what stoners are like!) who just clowned around. He was in fact voted some sort of variation on class clown in the yearbook which I am too lazy to look up. And the funniest thing that gets me the most is that I can distinctly remember joking at some point about his little punk band. And that is indeed how we thought of it. He sure showed us (note: I don't actually know who "us" is, just that I was one of the people joking about this on one particular night). I even own an album... they're good!

Anyway, it's so weird to see the people you know of as high school kids going off and doing things in the world. It's just plain wacky, I tell you. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have skipped the reunion! On that note, I dove into my yearbook and googled people madly last night... here's the closest things to interesting I found: Court Dimon and Michelle Hoerner got married, Greg Woodhill is an actor in a couple TV movies and at least one play, Christa Savery acts on stage in New York, Kevin Holt is not a Marine that stabbed someone to death as I first thought (since that stabbing occured while we were still in high school, I feel safe vouching for him on this - I don't know if he stabbed anybody, but I know for sure he wasn't a Marine!), Sara Hilbig met her husband in a library (kinda creepy that I found that out on the internet, huh?), Lorri Sulpizio became a basketball coach (of course!), and most of the rest of my classmates simply have much too ordinary of a name and should really spice it up so they're easier to google.

All of that means pretty much nothing to anyone reading this, but if you do happen to be a Powegian, there's your update! If you're not a Powegian, try that experiment with your own high school gang, it was fun and weird for me.
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