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Loony Fun12:39 AM -- Fri March 12, 2004

I've been going loony having fun creating the Remix Adventure for Loonyland! It's a whole new layout for the adventure mode. Well, not whole new - it's the old layout, with details changed, like the powerups have all been moved to new hiding places, there are a couple new semi-quests, some small new areas to explore, most of the puzzles have changed in one way or another, and tons of new enemies viciously attack you every 2 seconds. It's much harder than the regular game. In fact, two of the hardest puzzles, I'm actually MOVING to the Remix mode, so that the "original" mode will have easier variations of them, and the hard version will be a special challenge for people who get to the Remix (not much point to that for you old hands at Loonyland, but it's good for new players). There's so much that's cool about this, and I'm really having fun. Level design is not my favorite thing, but since I only have to do relatively minor things, I'm enjoying it. And most importantly, this is the kind of game I like working on. I had forgotten how fun and easy it is to work on these types of things.

So that's getting done fast, and it's going to have so much new stuff it'll be like a half-sequel, it's very cool. And I think it'll add several hours more entertainment to those who have finished Loonyland (as long as they don't just turn on every badge and rip through it - moderation, people!) Because the remix mode has great potential to be full of holes though, I'll be getting people to test it out before it goes too public, and while they check it out, I'll crank out a patch for Stockboy! I'm on a roll here.

I swear, it's just been so nice out all week... and I'm having fun... it's like the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and all that garbage. It's a wonderful time to be alive and making monsters!
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