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On certain sundays in november04:18 AM -- Wed March 24, 2004

...When the weather bothers me, empty drawers of other summers, where my shadows used to be

Anyway, things have been crazy around here lately. In fact, here's crazy for you: there are SIX (seven?) add-ons waiting for me to post them! I'm sorry I haven't, they all arrived at once, and I'm still swamped with 11 other things! I'll move them up in priority, maybe get one or two out a day (although doing them all at once is about as easy). I've been working on getting our house refinanced for one thing. Check this out: going from 7.125% to 3.25%! We're gonna be RICH! Dave Chappelle has a more clever way to say that which I can't use on my website. Like most things he has to say.

In addition to that, and some serious cranking on the Loonyland patch, which is just shy of being ready for testing, I've been working on a system to help with the next Ludum Dare 48-Hour Game Development Contest. I love those things! Unfortunately, I got myself in over my head as usual and volunteered to do some really extensive web programming for it. But it'll be fun as always, just taking time away from my work.

Speaking of the Loonyland patch, come on people, there are TEN new merit badges!! Not to mention a new gameplay mode, and two playables with very new gameplay! There may be a third, as I still haven't defined the very last merit badge, not sure what to do with it. This thing is practically Loonyland Supreme. And yes, it will absolutely be free, as long as you already own Loonyland, that is. True patch. Now that's Dumb.
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