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Outta Shape11:19 PM -- Wed March 31, 2004

I am so out of shape. We tried out a gym today, one of those ones where you do a half-hour cycle of different machines. It's a great system: you spend 30 seconds on each machine, then it tells you to switch, and you do the next. So it's not boring, and it's very difficult, because you're doing cardio junk alternately with weights. I made it about 10 or 15 of the minutes before we had to stop. And of course the lady there was like "oh, did you have breakfast today?" and other such concerns... no sorry, just sat at my computer for 15 years! I find it has a much more debilitating effect than skipping breakfast. I've been doing exercise all this year, Dance Dance Revolution specifically for most of it! I do a half hour of that and work up a total sweat, 5 days a week. But in 15 minutes, real exercise stomped me into the ground. Oh well, tomorrow we try to do the other half of our workout. The tricky part is just going to be to openly admit that I am a weak, pathetic loser, but I want to make it, I just can't do the whole thing from the get-go! Which will win? My absolute horror of vomiting, or my fear of public embarrassment? Maybe it will help if I remember that vomiting in public is embarrassing in addition to the unpleasantness. Boy, I like working out in private.
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