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Easter = A Lot Of Food06:13 PM -- Mon April 12, 2004

I think I wore out my body eating yesterday. I had a hard time waking up today! But the good news is, we've gone to our workout place a few times, and I can do it! The whole half hour! In fact, I keep feeling like I need to push harder, because I never feel worn out and beaten afterward. Maybe that's a good thing though. At least it makes me sweaty like a pig. So I guess all my Dance Dance paid off after all, hooray.

I've got all these game patches going on... I guess I should ship the Loonyland patch now. I'm skittish about it, because the bugs that were found were such subtle interplays between the tons of badges and the various game modes that I just know there are more lurking underneath in even more obscure combos. But, it's been tested, I suppose. Guess I will release it today!

I've also finished the Stockboy patch, but it's VERY minor (I really want to put my efforts into new games!). The only changes are: fixing the auto-download so it works for everyone, fixing the high score on the October level where it was out of whack, and adding a new small level set for good fun. So that's really ready too... my only hesitation with shipping that is that there's so little to it! Seems like there should be more for this long-long-long-awaited patch.

And last on the patch list is the latest Supreme patch. That too is close to done. It's all a bunch of really minor tweaks, it's not a must-have patch, unless I find an easy way to implement the idea someone had to allow you to trade in Loonykeys for coins. Of course, eventually coins too become obsolete, once you've bought everything... so what could you trade THEM for? As if there isn't enough gameplay in Supreme.

Then this weekend, a 48-hour contest I am greatly looking forward to! Whoopee!! It's been so very long, and I'm ready to crank out an ultimate masterpiece. Then after that, Sol Hunt finally again. That game does seem to get shoved aside a lot. Bravely I struggle on with it though, because I really like the equip screen I made for it. Oh, but wait - there also need to be updates to the Loonyland and Stockboy demos! Geez.
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