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We're back!04:21 PM -- Sun April 18, 2004

I took almost all of yesterday off. It was so worth it. We watched movies and lounged around and ordered pizza. It was a rainy day.

You may notice some updates and forum posts have gone missing. That's because our site has been restored from a backup from Friday. So that's good! E-mail isn't back up yet, but everything else is, and we are on a new server which has plugged the security hole that was exploited to break in. We're still not at a new host, which we will switch to in the coming week, because these guys take the term "horrible service" to dizzying heights that telecommunications companies can only dream of. But, we are on a working server now, with the latest security updates, so I'm much happier with it.

Since the updates are gone, here's the deal: I now have a game you can play, but it has no goals or anything. You can move the Retrovirus around a network, and a virus starts at one computer and slowly spreads across. So today, I'm adding all the things you can do about that, and putting in goals and rules and whatever, and that's it! I have until 6pm tonight to finish, so 9.5 hours. Shouldn't be hard. It won't be anything close to a contender in the voting, but at least I'll know I finished it.

The chosen theme, "Infection", was an extremely good one. But I just couldn't come up with anything! I hope this game turns out interesting. Back to work!
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