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Almost moved!04:18 PM -- Wed April 21, 2004

Well, the contest is over, and I didn't submit an entry. Mine got maybe halfway done, but it wasn't likely to be much fun anyway. I was way too messed up with all the website troubles I was dealing with to really accomplish anything. It didn't help that I didn't have a good game idea. That's really the lesson I'm taking from this: I came up with several ideas to make, spent hours thinking of the most creative ones I could. I really really wanted to make something totally original and very strongly befitting the theme (if you're gonna waste 48 hours, waste it doing something you wouldn't do otherwise!). In my haste to do so, I kinda missed out. I should've just gone with the very derivative idea I had, which would've loosely fit the theme (like most of the entries...), and would've been incredibly fun. It was a sort of Smash TV clone, which is always fun. I would've had a blast making it, it would've turned out cool, and it'd be a fun game. So that's what I'm remembering for next time: make it fun. Don't worry about being original or sticking too much to the theme (sure worked for Hitsuji!).

The other news is that we have our new server, and it's almost completely set up. Hopefully it'll be ready later today, and when it is, I'll tell them to switch the domain over to it. It'll take a couple days to be completely propagated everywhere, but once it is, we'll all be on the happy new server, and everything will be way better! Everywhere! In the whole world! The new server should be a little faster, and a vast amount more stable. I'm really looking forward to having this switch over with.

That's one of a lot of major things that are really big issues right now - guys are in my backyard tearing everything up for our major landscaping operation, our home refinance is about to close (we sign papers today!), I have all those new eGames games to deal with (if you didn't hear: eGames has finally agreed that I can sell the games they publish of mine myself, that means Spooky Castle, Kid Mystic, and Eddie Galaxy are coming... semi-soon, when I get time to prepare them for it), and I've been talking to a marketing guy about getting some marketing services. Things are so crazy around here, I only got to play Diablo for a little while yesterday, and only because I was waiting for a gigantic file transfer for the new site! And NO Diablo the day before! Yipes!
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