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Spooky Castle!08:12 PM -- Thu May 6, 2004

I am presently working on Spooky Castle! The original, the one and only! I fixed up some things regarding speed issues, and even fixed a crash I discovered. I also added a level to it, which is a really lame level, so maybe I'll remove it, or add a couple more. I'd like to have all my modifications to this game done today, since it IS a finished and apparently pretty successful product. But a couple bonus levels wouldn't hurt! Anyway, that's exciting stuff, it should be up within a few days! It's a surprisingly huge download for such a short game.

And our house refinance is FINALLY completely settled! I called up the old mortgage company and pushed "check balance", and it was so cool to hear "Your loan has been... paid in full... as of... May 4th", plus blah blah, escrow balance will be given to you in a check this month. AND we don't pay any mortgage at all until July!

These days I'm also playing a mod for Diablo II called Escape From The Afterlife, which absolutely rocks. I had NO idea you could modify so incredibly much in Diablo. It has entirely new skills that do things that weren't in Diablo before! Well, pretty much. Now if only it wouldn't occasionally crash...
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